the butterflies and excitement as you slip your dress on.

The way his eyes light up when he sees you for the first time.

The hand in hand walk together down the aisle, as husband and wife.

The precious, stolen moments on your most memorable day.



experience their day

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wedding details Iris Moore Photography Key West Florida

wedding collections with Iris Moore Photography begin at an investment of $3000.  Not coming to Key West?  have another paradise in mind for your journey to forever?  Iris loves to travel!  Inquire for a custom quote for your destination wedding.  




  • is a print release included in my package?

    Yes.  all of our rates and packages come with full printing and publishing rights to all images.  meaning, you do not have to print through us. 

  • How are my images delivered?

    Images are delivered to clients through an online, private gallery.  You will have the ability to download and share all images in their full resolution format - no downsizing occurs at all, so you can print as big as you would like.  USBs are available, depending on your package.

  • Is there a limit to how many photos you will shoot?

    On average, we shoot 100 images per hour.  You will receive around that amount, fully edited and print ready.

  • Is editing included in your pricing?

    Yes, all images are fully edited for lighting, color, skin softening and minor photoshop edits.  given the large amount of photos you receive, additional, more complex photoshop requests may require an extra charge.  Please be aware of tan-lines  and burns, as sometimes these edits become difficult and time consuming - delaying the return of your photos.  our team does their best to catch any untucked shirts or flying hair in the wind during picture time, but some things may go unnoticed.  please note, fixing these issues in post-edit takes extra time. 

  • Is there a requirement to purchase anything additional from you, such as a photo album of prints?

    No.  Some packages include albums, but it is not a requirement if your package does not have one.  We do make custom albums and print all different types of products.  We offer printing through your gallery.

  • If my wedding is tiny, do I still need two photographers?

    all of our packages include a second shooter.  we do not offer any coverage without two photographers.  However, the second shooter not only acts as a photographer, but also an assistant, director, and my right hand for the day. 

  • How soon will I get my pictures back?

    We work very hard to return your wedding images as quickly as possible.  However, because we value the quality of your images, it takes us 6-8 weeks to get your fully edited gallery delivered.  but, don't worry, we provide sneak peeks of our favorite images to hold you over.


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