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wedding details Iris Moore Photography Key West Florida

engagement collections with Iris Moore Photography begin at an investment of $400.  Not coming to Key West?  have another paradise in mind to showcase your love story?  Iris loves to travel!  Inquire for a custom quote for your engagement session.  




  •  how will i receive my images?

    You will receive your images via an online private gallery.  Your private gallery is an online platform for you to view and download all your digital images.  It's a very user-friendly program that allows clients to download all the images from their session, directly to their personal device(s).  The images are full-resolution, ready to print files.  the program is almost like a high-end dropbox, but it is designed for professional photography.  You can download individual photos, or all the photos at one time.  There's even web-sized versions of photos that can be downloaded, so all your posts on social media look great!  You can share the link to the gallery with anyone you'd like, and they can also download any photos they'd like (easier than having to burn cds or send a usb to family/friends).

  •  when is my final balance due and how can I pay it?

    Your final balance is due at the time of your session in cash or check.  If you'd prefer to pay online using a credit card, you will need to request this before we meet. 

  •  What happens if it rains?

    It is florida, and yes, it rains.  however, I do my very best to track the weather radars and move sessions around as needed to find a time when the weather is favorable.  please do not worry about the weather, as that is my job.  any changes that need to be made, I will let you know.  If we get rained out and there is no time to reschedule, you will receive a refund for your deposit and/or session. 

  •  what is the next step in securing you for our date?

    once you have confirmed your date, and you are ready to book, i will send you a digital contract that outlines all included in your photography package, as well as my deposit policy.  Once you have looked that over and confirmed everything is correct, you will electronically sign it and send it back to me.  At that time, I will send you an online invoice for a 25% deposit.  You can pay through a secure online portal that accepts any major credit card.  Once both of these are complete, you will be officially booked.  

  •  What is the best time to schedule our session?

    I always book sessions 1.5-2 hours before sunset or 1 hour after sunrise.  This will ensure you have the best lighting possible for your session. 

  •  How should I prepare for our session? 

    Just show up!  as always, If you have any questions or concerns, you can feel free to let me know.


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